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This Legal Notice is provided by Eptalex® (the Association) and describes the terms of use and intellectual property rights of all the material published in this website (the Website). Eptalex® is an international professional firm structured as a Swiss Verein and duly registered in Canton Ticino under number /CHE-228.746.432 with its registered office in Lugano.

Eptalex®, as a non-profit association, does not itself provide legal or other client services, which are offered worldwide through separately constituted member firms, each having its own legal practice (the Firm/Firms). Each Firm is independently liable and covered by separate professional indemnity insurance policies, in accordance to the laws of the jurisdiction where the registered office of the Firm is located.

The terms "Eptalex®" and ''the Firm" mean one or more Law Firms ("we"/"us"/"our").  Any reference to "Partner" means the partner, member, consultant or employee with equivalent standing and qualifications in at least one Firm.


Terms of Use and Disclaimer

The Website is only for the private use of our readers. It is intended to provide the readers with general legal information as well as information about the Firm/Firms. It does not establish in any shape, form or way, an attorney-client relationship between the readers and the Firm.

None of the material published by the Firm, directly or indirectly through third parties’ links, is intended to provide legal opinion or professional advice. Clients or other readers should not act or refrain from acting on the basis of any information contained in the Website, without seeking appropriate legal or other professional advice on the particular facts and circumstances at issue.


Eptalex® accepts no responsibility for loss, which may arise from accessing or reliance on information contained in the Website. The Website may contain links to external websites and external websites may link to the Website. Eptalex® is not responsible for the content or operation of any such external sites.

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Eptalex®  Holding SAL, a Lebanese company duly registered at the Registry of Commerce of Beirut with number 1903812, is the owner of all intellectual property rights (including, but not limited to, copyright, trademark, trade name, logos, emblems, re-production rights) related to the content in the Website’s pages (including, but without limitation, all texts and pictures of lawyers relating thereto or associated therewith) and all rights are reserved. Eptalex® is a registered trademark and it cannot be used without explicit consent of the rightful owner.

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Governing Laws

The enclosed notices and all issues regarding the Website are governed by the applicable laws of the country where each Eptalex® Firm has its registered office. Further information on Eptalex®  members and their professional experience is available in People.


The information contained in the Website is not for advertising purpose in the sense referred to in the law organizing the profession of the lawyers in the jurisdiction of the Firms. Every effort is made by Eptalex® to respect and observe all the rules of professional conduct, the laws, the regulations and the decisions regarding the practice of the legal profession in the Eptalex® members’ jurisdictions.