The Firm

Eptalex is an international professional firm structured as a Swiss Verein with offices in Italy ; Milan, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia ; Riyadh, Lebanon ; Beirut, Jounieh, UAE (ADGM, Abu Dhabi and Dubai)


Our team is committed to providing diligent legal representation as well as tax consultancy and personalized client service with lawyers and tax advisors licensed throughout Canada, Italy, Lebanon, Syria, Spain, the United Arab Emirates and the United States. One of the key reasons why our international clients rely on us is that we speak their languages and know their culture all thanks to our diverse team of professionals.

We are dedicated to supporting both the dispute resolution and transactional needs of our clients and to assist them through our full-service legal and fiscal support, prioritizing their success inside the courts and their development in their marketplace.


We pride ourselves in providing innovative and quality legal and tax services to regional and international businesses, financial institutions and high net worth individuals for the full range of business transactions and dispute resolution.

Our distinction lies not in what we offer, but in the way we offer it. We combine worldwide experience with local expertise to comprehensively manage complex disputes, commercial transactions and multi-national regulatory issues in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.


Our satisfaction derives mostly from holding on to our unchanging principles and meeting the objectives we set to ourselves, together with the expressed gratitude of our clients for quality legal and tax solutions.


We value:

  • Integrity. We adhere to a strict code of ethics and apply these standards of behavior while dealing with each other, our clients, and opposing parties.
  • Trust. We make sure to act with the best interest of our clients in mind in order to exceed their expectations and build long-term relationships with them.
  • Transparency. We strive to be transparent in our decision-making processes and in our relationships with our clients.
  • Diversity. We take pride in the multicultural and multi-religious team of lawyers and tax advisors in our offices, which helps reflecting the diverse religious, political and social backgrounds of our Firm and provides us with competitive advantage through our multi-faced legal and fiscal services.
  • Collaboration. We always make sure to build and develop strong bonds between our professionals and staff. We work collaboratively across borders, transcending organizational, functional, and geographic boundaries.
  • Development. We make sure that our people get the chance to develop themselves at work on a personal and professional level and preserve a healthy work-life balance.
  • Quality Management. We are committed to delivering high quality services to our clients. Therefore, we constantly work on eliminating the causes of errors and minimizing variability in our business processes.
  • Innovation. We use the most advanced and innovative technology in providing legal and tax services and seek innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.


We are committed

  • Towards our clients. We are committed to excellence in delivering the best and most cost-effective solutions to our clients.
  • Towards our community. We are committed to serving our community and preserving the environment.



At Eptalex, we do our utmost to build an inclusive workplace where diversity is key to creativity and innovation, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, belief, nationality, ethnicity, disability and age.

Our dynamic team spirit and family-like relationship is all founded on the basis of acceptance and appreciation. We value our motivational work environment where our team members can be who they truly are.

Active in the pursuit of equality, more than half of our team members are outstanding and well-credentialed women. Our professionals have also acquired their educational backgrounds from universities around the world which gives the Firm great exposure to a variety of different perspectives and perceptions.



Pro Bono legal services

We offer pro bono legal services to assist those who cannot afford legal representation including preventing the expulsion of low-income tenants and providing nongovernmental organizations and startups with legal advice needed to establish, grown and prosper in business.


Pro Bono Trainings

We are involved with international organizations, clinics and universities to provide trainings for graduate lawyers and tax advisors.. We also offer trainings for entrepreneurs in association with entrepreneurship institutes and business incubators to enable them to grasp their legal responsibilities and rights as well as the fiscal framework in which they operate.


Involvement in the civil society

We organize events and projects each year in order to help our local communities, and we encourage the enrollment and volunteering of our professionals in civic, educational, community and cultural non-governmental organizations.